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Vibration Testing

Available for Sinusoidal VibrationRandom VibrationSine-on-Random and Shock Testing. The Vibration Testing facilities at Engineering Dynamics is available to third parties for the assessment and development of mechanical sub-assemblies or complete equipment. Customers are more than welcome to stay and witness there test. We can even offer workshop modifications or repair if required due to unforeseen circumstances during the test. The Vibration Test facility is available for short term hire 1/2 day (4hrs) if required. We are most likely to be the most cost effective Vibration Testing facility in the UK.

Equipment used :- Ling 900 Combo V826LS coupled to a Ling DPA 16 Amplifier. A Bruel & Kjaer Laser USB is used to control the vibration test. All equipment is calibrated annually under our ISO9001 certification. A fixture will be required to secure the test piece to the Shaker.