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Project History

Listed below are just a few current and past projects with our products installed.

Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft - ED163, ED124, ED359 and ED354 - Mechanical mating devices and rubber mouldings for supporting fibre optic cables.

Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft - ED26 and ED85 used to mount various equipment.

Leonardo Linaps artillery pointing system -  ED267, ED196 and ED318 Shock Tray

British Army Warrior Armoured Vehicle Update - ED90, ED125 and ED126

Titan Armoured Engineer Vehicle - ED26 and ED85

Trojan Armoured Engineer Vehicle - ED26 and ED85

British Army Challenger 2 Tank - ED26 - used to mount the infra-red gun sight

Lynx Helicopter - ED26 - used to mount the Hippag pure air system

Royal Navy Astute class Subs - ED315 and ED132 - used on pumps and electronis

Royal Navy Type 45 Frigate - ED132

British Army Hagglund Vehicle - ED26, ED64 and ED90- used to mount commuication equipment.

London Undergroud - ED85 - used to mount electronic controls

RAF Tornado F3 - ED42 - used to mount the Foxhunter radar

Generator for Rapier Missile System  - ED25 and generator housing